Technology In Education

Technology has changed the way that students learn, and the different methods in which teachers can teach. Overall it has positively impacted the classroom and opened up resources that were not available even fifty years ago. Technology has paved the way for learning environments that take place almost entirely online, as well as traditional classrooms that use the technology to further hold students’ interest or allow them to explore specific areas of a project on their own. The changing technology has led to a changing teaching style, which makes learning more accessible to all students.

Computer Desktops and Laptops

Computers have made a difference in the classroom. In addition to making it easier to compile information and write reports, computers can be used to assess a student and target areas where they need specific help. For example there are many games that work to improve math skills or reading comprehension, and they can automatically review areas where the student is weak. Many schools are using these types of programs on a regular basis to help improve test scores.

The Internet

The Internet has made it easier to access information for both students and teachers. It has led to resources for teachers to share lesson plans, and given them access to information through museums and science institutes that can enrich the learning in the classroom. It also makes it easier to post information online for students to use. Teachers can set up unit pages that direct students to resources for them to study individually.

Smartboard Tech

The Smartboard allows teachers to create whiteboard presentations in advance and to create interactive presentations for their students. The Smartboard allows you to project information on the whiteboard, and the students can write on it or use the tool to move it around. It can be used to present new information, play review games and give quizzes. Many teachers share the information and lessons they create for the Smartboard with each other.

Blogs and Wikis

Blogs and wikis allow the discussion in the classroom to continue outside of the classroom. These are especially helpful with older students and college students. Teachers require students to make regular posts and comment on other posts for classroom blogs. A class wiki allows teachers to create informational resources for future projects, and to mine the work of their students. It allows the information to be shared with all of the students. 

Pros and Cons of Using Technology in the Classroom

Technology offers many benefits for teachers. It makes information more available and accessible to students. Students also use technology at home, which means that the learning can continue at home and in a way the student is familiar with. One disadvantage is that the student may not have access at home depending on their economic conditions. Teachers need to make sure that the assignments are possible to complete through the school’s computer lab or at the library so students are not inadvertently left behind. It is also important to make sure that technology does not get in the way of building a good student teacher relationship.

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